All You Really Need to Know About Modern Day Roof Coatings

roof coating materials

Roof coatings have become extremely popular in recent years. Rather than replace the entire roof more often or cope with costly repairs, many homeowners have started to opt for roof coating to protect their roofing systems and extend their roofs’ lifespans more easily. A roof coating is exactly what it sounds like, and it can provide you with excellent insulation, weatherproof qualities and many more advantages to speak of:

  • The best coating available on the market today is environmentally friendly. It works to ensure that the coating materials and your existing roof can be reused to reduce landfill use. Also, many contractors have committed to ensuring that their roof coating has zero VOCs.
  • Installation is extremely easy and you don’t have to worry about your home or building being disrupted as a result. There are no shingles to install or roofing tiles to replace. Also, the entire process will last less than a day.
  • Many coating materials offer excellent reflectivity to keep UV rays away from your home. Also, some are designed using waterproofing technology and materials, so that your roof won’t leak any time soon.

Increased durability, sustainability and cost-efficiency are also on the agenda. Finally, your new roof coating will reduce your maintenance and repair costs, ultimately bringing a lot more value for the money than the prospect of investing in a new roof once every couple of decades. Call Interstate Roofing today for roof coating information and servicing.

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