Are Commercial Roofs Susceptible to Hail Damage?

Fort Collins commercial roofing

The materials used by Fort Collins commercial roofing companies for commercial roofs are strong and can resist a lot, but the flat or low-sloping structure of the roofs most commonly used on commercial buildings increases the roof’s susceptibility to hail damage. Here is how hailstorms can impact commercial roofs:

  • Hailstones – hailstorms are associated with smaller or larger balls of ice. While pitched roofs can stand up to hailstones more efficiently, any flat structure, including commercial roofs is more sensitive to the impact caused by the ice hitting the roof directly, at high speeds. Hail has a different impact on different roofing materials – aluminum roofs, for example, are more sensitive to dents, while asphalt roofs are more prone to punctures;
  • Winds – hailstorms also come with high winds that can damage any roof, including flat commercial structures. When it comes to wind damage, though, flat roofs are in a better position as winds cannot hit them so hard as they can hit pitched roofing. Many of the materials most commonly used for building flat roofs are also installed in ways that minimize the risk of winds grabbing the pieces;
  • Rain – the heavy rain associated with hailstorms can also cause water damage, especially on roofs that are already weakened by age or by neglect.

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