Are Denver Siding Contractors Trustworthy?

Just like in any other business, there are good and bad siding installation services in Denver. You will have to avoid scammers and learn how to identify trusty professionals.

Keep in mind these warning before hiring a siding contractor.

You are required to make a large down payment

This is not how professional things work. A siding installation project may be a sizable investment, but a reliable contractor will not ask for huge down payments; it will divide them equally and make a schedule that you both agree on, and writes it in the contract.

You feel like you cannot communicate properly with the contractor

A siding replacement company that does not return your phone calls or email and seems to be late all the time is not trustworthy.

Denver siding company

The company is not very busy

Of course, you need a contractor that has time for you, but if it doesn’t seem to have many clients – or none at all – this may be a red flag. Make sure to look for a Denver siding company with excellent references and contact them to ask if their collaboration with the siding contractor was good.

The company does not have license and insurance coverage

Working with such a contractor is a risk, so don’t do it! The so-called contract (if there will be one!) will have no legal value. Trustworthy contactors are always licensed and have at least the basic insurance (liability and worker’s comp).

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