Before Hiring a Denver Roofing Contractor, Ask These Questions

If you decided to replace your roof, you probably know what a big investment it is. If it is done right, it will bring great value to your house. But before you choose a contractor for this job, you should know that many of them tend to cut some corners. If you want to avoid hiring a poor contractor, you should ask him some questions to make sure that your roof is in good hands.

  1. Is he legal?

This usually means if he is licensed and if he will provide you a written contract. You probably know that a contractor cannot work without a license because this is against the law. Usually, many states maintain a database with all the active accredited roofing contractors. To the same extent, never settle for a verbal contract. If something wrong happens, you will need legal proof of everything the contractor promised.

accredited Denver roofer

  1. Does he have any references to guarantee his work?

This means that the contractor should provide you some examples of customers or people who have worked with him in the past, and who could tell you if the work was done right. It would be even better if you could visit one of the contractor’s previous project. An accredited Denver roofer should offer you a guarantee on his labor, in the form of a warranty, backed by the manufacturer.

  1. What are his payment requirements, but also his timelines?

A roofing contractor should never ask for the full money in advance. Usually, he asks for a down payment first, and the rest of it only after he finishes his work.  Your roofing contractor should discuss with you the timelines and the lineup but also the materials that he chooses.

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