Best Commercial Roof Materials for Colorado Snow

A snow-resistant roof is, first of all, a properly dimension roof. If the roof structure is under-dimension and there are no snow guards, the snow that accumulates on the roof can cause serious problems and significant damage. A layer of 20 cm of snow deposited on the roof causes an additional load of approximately 22 kg /sq m.

snow on roof

Although we tend to ignore the weight of snow because we consider it insignificant, in reality, an incorrect dimension of the roof structure and the use of poor quality materials may have very unpleasant consequences when it snows heavily, such as deformations of the covers and the apparition of cracks. When these problems appear, the only long-term viable solution is to have commercial roofers in Denver restore roof structure and replace the cover, otherwise the deterioration of the roof structure can ultimately lead to its collapse, causing serious damage to the entire building.

Therefore, when installing a commercial roof to resists the Colorado snow it is good to consider lightweight and durable materials. Perhaps the best solutions are TPO and EPDM membranes. These modern materials are very efficient in preventing problems caused by snow, due to their great sealing properties and flexibility in any temperature and weather conditions.

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