Best Practices When Getting a Metal Roof Estimate for Your Home

Fort Collins roofer

Correct calculations are key when it comes to any kind of building project, the installation of a new metal roof included, so here are a few things that you should know about how metal roofing cost estimates are calculated by a business savvy Fort Collins roofer:

  • The amount of material calculated based on your roof’s square footage – metal roofing materials consist of large panels or sheets that need to be available in sufficient quantity to cover the roof surface. The size is usually expressed in squares, an imperial unit of measurement used in the US and equaling 100 square feet. How you arrive at that the number of squares is irrelevant for the pricing, which means that the price for a 1 square roof will be the same for a roof that measures 10 feet x 10 feet or 2 feet x 50 feet and so on;
  • The price of the fasteners – metal roofs come in the form of kits that include all the fasteners needed to assemble the roof. The price of the fasteners will be added to the price of the roof covering material;
  • Labor rates – the final price of your metal roof will consist not only of the materials used, but of the labor cost of the Fort Collins roofer as well.

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