Can a High Slope Roof Work for Denver Commercial Roofing?

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When you hear the term “commercial roof”, what comes to mind is probably a flat structure made from some type of membrane or from metal sheets. However, many commercial buildings today use pitched roofs or a combination of a pitched structure and a flat surface on the same building. Here is why a sloping roof can be a good idea on your Denver facility:

  • More efficient drainage – sloping roofs are able to shed water more efficiently and they are not affected by the accumulation of thick blankets of snow. Pitched roofs might develop fewer problems during their life because they are safe from the issues caused by ponding water, or from the pressure of accumulated snow.
  • Better ventilation – pitched roofs come with an attic space underneath. This space is useful for storage, and also for ventilation.
  • Talented commercial roofing Denver CO contractors, find one here, confirm that a well built roof allows for the movement of air, which means efficient prevention for issues caused by condensation.
  • Classic appearance – any building that gets a pitched roof has a friendlier, more classic appearance. If aesthetics is an important aspect for your building, it is a good idea to consider getting a pitched roof instead of a flat structure.

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