Can Businesses File Storm Damage Claims?

Shortly, yes. Business properties are insured just like private properties and, in case of a natural disaster, owners are perfectly entitled to file a claim and receive compensation from the insurance companies they work with.

A storm may cause different types of damage and interrupt your business. Nobody wants to go through this, but it is best to be prepared, no matter what. Filing the claim is typically followed by scheduling an appointment with an insurance adjuster, who will inspect the damage, review your policy and determine the coverage.  There may be more adjusters involved in the process, if the storm damage is extensive and involves structural damage, loss or property, car damage etc. Adjusters are specialized in different types of damage, so there may be different professionals assigned.

storm damage roof repair

Business owners must be ready to supply as many information about the damage as possible, so they should collect relevant records to prove the value of the damaged structures, inventory or equipment. If your business is put on hold because of the storm damage, prepare financial documents to prove the amount of income lost.  If necessary, have storm damage expert commercial roofers in Denver be ready to provide information about the costs of replacing your roof and/or conducting your business from another location, as well as expenses that continue even as your business is suspended (utilities, advertising etc.).

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