Can I Have My Commercial Roof Replaced During a Colorado Winter?

Winter roof replacements in the harsh, freezing Colorado winter certainly come with more discomfort, but they are by no means impossible. If your commercial roof has recently sustained damage or you have only recently noticed severe damage that has been there for some time and you don’t want it to become worse during the cold months, you can surely get your roof replaced during the cold months. Fort Collins commercial roofing

Here are some things that you should know about the process:

  • Some materials behave differently in extreme cold – many roofing materials can be safely applied only in a specific temperature range. These limitations usually pertain to materials that need to be applied when hot and to adhesives – if you need these on your roof, you will be probably asked to replace them with other solutions or to postpone the roof replacement;
  • Better labor rates – winter is not a peak period for roof replacement projects, therefore you might find it easier to schedule your roofing project. Check for possible Fort Collins commercial roofing discounts as well.
  • Better material prices – building material retailers also sell smaller volumes of roofing materials in winter, therefore you might also find better deals on roofing materials.

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