Can Residential Roofing Be Handled by a Commercial Roofer?

Handling a residential roof can be a complex task, and most people are not equipped to do it on their own. Unfortunately, many homeowners also make wrong decisions when it comes to hiring the expert and may opt for commercial roofing, if they get something that looks like a good offer. However, this can be a costly mistake. It is not recommended that residential roofing be handled by a commercial roofer, for several reasons.

Denver roofer

First and foremost, commercial roofers do not have the same skill set as a skilled residential Denver roofer. They are used to working on large-scale commercial projects, and often lack the specialized knowledge to handle a residential roofing job properly. Additionally, residential roofs can require different approaches.

Also, commercial roofers typically work with materials that are different from those used for residential roofing. Commercial roofs are often flat and covered with membranes, whereas residential roofs have a more complex layout and are covered with shingles and tiles made from various materials.

Not least, even if you get a warranty, the fact that it is provided by a commercial roofer instead of a residential roofer could be relevant for your insurance company, which may reject it, if you will even be in the situation to make a claim.

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