Can the Color of Your Roof Impact the Internal Temperature of Your Home?

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The color that you choose for your roof will obviously determine the overall appearance off your building – after all, the color of the roof is what pulls together the entire design of your home. However, your choice of roofing color needs to be informed by more than just the style and the color scheme used on your building. Highly regarded Denver roofing companies affirm that the shade of the topmost layer on your building will ultimately determine your building’s energy efficiency, too – here is how:

  • A little color theory – the lighter a color, the more efficiently it reflects heat and the darker a shade, the more of the Sun’s heat it absorbs;
  • Color theory on your roof – when applied to roof color, the theory means that a darker roof, such as a structure made from terracotta, brown or black material, will absorb more ambient heat and it will also transfer more heat towards your building interior, making the work of your cooling equipment harder. All this means that the decision about the shade of your roof should be informed by the dominant climate conditions in your area. If you live in a predominantly cold climate zone, choose a darker shade for your roof to maximize the amount of heat transferred to your rooms from the roof. If you live in a hot climate, choose a light-colored roof to have a surface of superior reflectivity.

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