Can You Get Your Old Roof Fixed with a Good Contractor?

Fort Collins roofing company

Many people think that a roof that is approaching the end of its lifespan can no longer be repaired, complete roof replacement being the only solution for the leaks and other issues noticed with the roof. While in some cases, these opinions are certainly right, there are many situations in which a good Fort Collins roofing company can work wonders even with an old roof – here are some examples:

  • damage caused by the weather – if your old roof has sustained a certain amount of damage due to a recent weather event, complete roof replacement should not be your first thought. Hire a good local roofer to check the structure for you – if your old roof has been regularly maintained, chances are that you can get the problem fixed by replacing only the damaged components;
  • occasional leaks – every roof, even strong ones that are not very old, can develop a leak occasionally. If that has happened on your roof too, don’t worry, your roofer will probably be able to find the source of the problem and fix the issue too;
  • discolorations – the large, dark patches that you see on so many roofs are caused by algae. If you get the issue on your roof, too, don’t despair, a good roofer will know how to get rid of the problem.

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