Checklist for Finding the Best Fort Collins Commercial Roofer

Fort Collins commercial roofing

Finding a good Fort Collins commercial roofer is a process that includes researching different options, evaluating, comparing and making a final choice. If you want things to go smoothly, you need a checklist.

  1. Building a list of qualified Fort Collins commercial roofing contractors. Find local contractors in your area and write down their contact information
  2. Information gathering. Find out as many information you need about the roofers on your list: license, certifications, experience in commercial roofing, insurance, reviews, ratings etc. Also make sure they respect local regulations and will get the necessary permits for your project.
  3. Erase from your list those companies that do not meet these requirements
  4. Schedule meetings with representatives of the companies that are still on your list
  5. Verify the information you have about them, check their portfolio, ask for references, discuss details about your roofing project – materials, deadlines, costs, payment options etc. – and ask for a detailed written estimate.
  6. Take the necessary time to review the information in the written estimate and contact the company again if there is something unclear.
  7. Compare estimates you received from all the roofers on your list. Once you do this, you will have a clearer picture about what commercial roofer best meets your requirements and you can make the final choice.

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