Commercial Roof Inspection Checklist

commercial flat roofing Denver CO inspections

Any commercial building is a big investment from the start, and every owner should make sure that it is in good shape, regularly.

Usually, scheduled commercial roofing Denver CO inspections and maintenance begin with the roof verification, because commercial roofs are constantly exposed to the weather and structural movement. Identify in advance the minor problems before they get worse. What to Check:

  1. Start with the exterior structural components, like the drip edges, chimneys, vents, fascia, and decking, for missing components or rotting signs. These areas usually get affected by leaking. If your building has a flat roof, you should also look for blisters in the membrane granular loss, ponding and holes.
  2. The interior roofing damages occur when the interior components are neglected for a long time. The most common damages are the ones caused by the leaking, but the source isn’t always easy to spot or above the damaged area. Flat roofs are the most vulnerable to leaks and surface degradation. Also, check for other structural damages, like mold, mildew, and rot.
  3. Visible damages are the easiest to repair. In this case, look for any structural deformations, standing water, clogged gutters and downspouts or debris. Metal roofs should be checked for corrosion and bent and wood shingles should be inspected for signs of mildew, mold or warping.


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