Common Flat Roofing Problems

Flat roofs are very popular because they are more economical, strong and stylish. But,  like any other type of roof, the flat ones also require maintenance and repair.

When it comes to the most common flat roof problems, pooling water is one of them. This happens because, technically, the roof is not that flat or because of the debris that prevents water from draining off the roof. This is why clearing it regularly is important.

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Another problem that comes up frequently at a flat roof is the damaged flashing. This roof element is very important because it prevents water from getting into your roof and creating serious damages. Usually, flashing comes loose regularly in case of strong wind or if the roof is not designed properly. If the roof is old, in time, swelling flashing can also cause some roof problems. This is a problem that can easily be identified by commercial roof repair Fort Collins pros.

During summer, the sun can cause severe blistering, making the roof membrane look like an alligator skin. Usually, by the time someone notices it, this may become a serious problem and needs repair. Most often swelling blisters are cut out and the roof is patched because flat roofs are built from a continuous membrane.

Sometimes, if the problems are too big, you should probably change the whole membrane. Make sure you use a more durable material.

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