Common Issues with Industrial Roofing for Colorado Business Owners

Fort Collins commercial roofing

The Colorado climate can be harsh on roofs, posing special challenges for industrial roofs, structures that are usually flat or low-sloping. According to Fort Collins commercial roofing authorities, here are the most common issues with industrial roofs that Colorado business owners should pay attention to:

  • The pressure caused by snow – Colorado winter are usually accompanied by high amounts of frozen precipitation. The snow tends to accumulate on flat surfaces and the excessive weight of the precipitation can be difficult for industrial roofs to support;
  • Strong winds – the industrial roofs that have protruding components, such as seams, are at a higher risk of sustaining wind damage because the moving air can grab those protruding parts and rip off roofing sheets;
  • Tree damage – high winds can also tear off and transport tree limbs. Large branches falling can damage flat roofs, causing the roofing membranes or sheets to crack or to tear;
  • Water damage – the roofs in the Colorado regions that get lots of rain, too, are at high risk of developing leaks and to be affected by mildew or rot;
  • Weakening by UV rays – Colorado also gets harsh sunshine in some of its regions. Prolonged exposure to UV radiation can weaken the roof and make it more sensitive to the damage caused by other elements as well.

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