Common Roofing Terms You Should Know Before Hiring a Roofer

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Tired of not knowing what your roofers are talking about when they provide you with your roof installation estimate? Learning more about the following and other roofing terms could help you out:

  • The dormer is a small structure that protrudes out of a sloped roof. In most cases it also features a window. If you have a classical style or Victorian style home, chances are you’ll have a few dormers linked to your roof.
  • The deck, also known as sheathing, is a plywood surface that’s usually responsible for keeping the roof in place. It is a so-called “wooden foundation” structure supporting your roof.
  • The underlayment is usually used as a secondary layer for the roof’s decking. It usually consists of a sheet of asphalt-saturated material which is also called tar paper.
  • The slatted devices that are usually installed in a soffit or gable are known as louvers. These products are typically used to ventilate or equalize the level of moisture in the area below the decking.
  • Roofers will refer to any vents, pipes or chimneys – and practically everything that penetrates the surface of the roof in some way – as penetrations.

There are also many other important terms you might want to learn about if you haven’t already. Flashing, ridges, roof slopes and drip edges are just some of them. Once you learn about as many roofing terms as possible, you’ll have a better understanding of what your roof is made of and what your leading Denver roofing companies are talking about.

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