Common Winter Roofing Problems

Interstate Roofing can provide winter maintenance for your roof

Winters can come with significant drops in temperature, heavy snowfalls, blizzards and other phenomena. It is essential to prepare your house to withstand this type of climate. The roof is probably the most exposed element of the building and therefore there are certain specific roofing problems that require the services of exemplary roofers like  those found at Interstate Roofing:

Common roofing problems that building owners face during winter include:

  • Snow buildup

If you do not remove the snow from the roof, it may cause severe damage, in the form of clogged gutters and water leaks, infiltrations in the living space and even problems to the resistance structure of the roof, in the case of heavy snow accumulation that weights too much.

  • Condensation

This phenomenon happens every time when warm air from the living space escapes through the attic and comes in contact with a cold surface. It may contribute to the development of mildew and mold, which alter the indoor air quality and even compromise the structure of the building.

  • Ice dams

Ice dams represent a very common cause of roof damage in the cold season. They form at the edge of the roof and in the pluvial system, allowing water to pond on the roof and infiltrate. Sometimes icicles also form down the eaves, having the potential to cause accidents when they fall.


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