Dealing with Commercial Roof Repairs After a Storm

Commercial roofs are vulnerable to damage during severe weather events such as storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Even if you don’t live in an area where hurricanes are common, and you think that your building is safe – as it often happens with Denver business owners – you could end up having to deal with costly commercial roofing repairs at some point.

Distinguished commercial roofers in Denver confirm that missing or damaged shingles or tiles are among the main reason why commercial roof repair might be challenging in these types of situations. Strong winds and heavy rains can cause shingles or tiles to become loose, dislodged, or even completely torn off the roof. This can lead to leaks and other water damage. Heavy rains can also cause water to infiltrate the roof, resulting in leaks and water damage to the building’s interior. Some additional sources of leaks are damaged flashing or sealant around roof penetrations such as vents, chimneys, or skylights.

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Heavy storms tend to cause damage to gutters and downspouts as well, which can prevent proper drainage and cause water to accumulate on the roof or around the foundation of the building.

Hailstones are even more serious, as they cause dents or punctures in the roof membrane, which can lead to leaks and other damage. Hail can also damage shingles, tiles, and other roofing materials, which can lead to additional water damage.

Finally, it’s not unheard of for trees to fall on smaller commercial buildings during a storm and damage their roofs. Falling trees or branches can cause significant damage to commercial roofs, including punctures or tears in the roof membrane and structural damage to the roof deck and framing.

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