Deciding on a Home Exterior Color Scheme Based on Your Style

Either you want to improve the curb appeal of your home or looking forward to selling it, deciding on a new colors scheme will greatly improve the value of a home. Just like any project done to a home, repainting the exterior is a major investment and one must be sure that the right color scheme has been chosen.

Some may want to completely change the look of the home and repainting could achieve just that. There are many color choices to choose from. A good place to start before choosing a color would be by choosing the preferred shading. Do you want the home to have a darker color, mid-tone or light? The color of the roof must also be taken into consideration. When a home is being constructed, the right color scheme can be chosen from the start. However, if the home needs repainting, the chosen color should fit and complement the roof above. Experienced Denver roofing companies will have a good sense on what style, color, and materials best match your home, budget, and neighborhood vibe.

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Most people use neutral color on almost the entire house which is complemented by different accents. The different accents of colors could come from windows, doors and stutters. Their color should contrast the overall color of the home. So, if the main color of the home is a type of neutral light color, going with darker window frames and stutters could create a strong composition, having the home looking like it’s making a statement.

On the opposite end, if the majority of the home is painted using darker shades, for example, navy blue, having white window frames and stutters will create a sharp contrast, making them stand out. The main thing to avoid when choosing a color scheme is to avoid matching colors that when put together blend, giving the exterior a monotone and boring aspect.

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