Differences Between a General Contractor and a Licensed Contractor?

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The two principle types of contractors that you can hire for a construction or remodeling project are general contractors and specialized contractors. In many cases, the activities performed by the two types of contractors and the services they provide might overlap, but there are several important differences as well. Here are some:

  • The services provided – general contractors usually provide services of overseeing and coordinating the various phases of the construction project and the work of the specialized contractors, while licensed contractors usually work as the subcontractors of general contractors and provide specialized services, such as plumbing, excavation, masonry, electrical installation or painting;
  • Who to turn to – general contractors are usually hired for complex projects that require the simultaneous management of multiple processes, while licensed, specialty contractors are the businesses that you should turn to if you need just one or two types of specialized work, such as the installation of a new roof by a credentialed Fort Collins roofing company or the building of a masonry fireplace;
  • Licenses – in many states, general contractors are not required to be licensed (except the general contractors that also provide specialized services through their own teams), but most states have very strict regulations and requirements in place regarding the licensing of specialized contractors.

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