Different Factors That May Affect Your Roof Repair Estimate

The total amount that you see on the cost estimate you have required from your roofer – see https://interstateroof.com/ – has been calculated factoring in many aspects – here are the most important factors that will influence the costs:

  • The type of your roof – the repair or installation costs related to simple flat roofs or roofs that slope in an easy to work on angle are usually lower than the costs calculated for roofs that slope in multiple angles or have areas that are difficult to access;
  • The material of your roof – some materials, such as asphalt shingles and metal, are very easy to work with, while in the case of natural materials, such as slate or wood, the roofer needs to possess special expertise. All this will be reflected in the price: labor will be cheaper for roofs that use simple materials, while the roofs that use more complex covering will be more expensive;

roof repair estimate

  • The size of the roofing job – simple repairs and maintenance will be obviously cheaper than complex repairs, partial or complete reroofing. The overall costs related to large jobs will be higher because they need more work hours and the amount of materials necessary will also be higher;
  • The presence of unique elements – chimneys, skylights and other unique or special roof components make work more difficult and therefore they also make the roofing work more expensive.


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