Different Roofing Styles to Consider for Your Roof Replacement

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If you are in the process of retrofitting your old roof and you would like to change your building’s appearance by using a different roof style, here are some of the most common styles to choose from:

  • Gable roofs – this is the most common type of roofs across the country, preferred for the steep slopes that allow water to drain efficiently and the extra space in the attic. However, the steep angle of gable roofs can cause problems in hurricane-prone areas (the high winds associated with strong storms can lift up the roofing cover or cause other forms of roof damage), that’s why flatter roofs are more suitable in those regions;
  • Hip roofs – these roofs feature slopes on all four sides, which makes them more durable than gable roofs and also more resistant to high winds;
  • Mansard roofs – these French-style structures are very durable and they also add elegance to any building;
  • Flat roofs – in the past, these structures were used exclusively on commercial buildings, but the solution has been recently discovered for contemporary-style residential buildings as well. Many flat roofs are used not only for protecting the building from the elements, but as extra living space and for rooftop gardens as well.

See a reputable Fort Collins roofer to learn more about your roofing service options.

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