Do Flat Commercial Roofs Last Longer Than Sloped Roofing?

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The design and the sloping angle of your roof will determine not only the appearance of your building and the amount of useful space inside your building, but also the longevity of your roof and with it, the amount of money and effort that you will have to invest into roof replacements. As a general rule, flat structures are more durable than sloping roofs – here is why:

  • Continuity – flat roofs are more continuous than sloping roofs, they don’t have valleys, peaks, dormers and other roof features and this is true even for the flat structures installed on commercial facilities that often use the roof surface for installing AC units or for other pieces of equipment. As a result, flat roofs are less prone to developing leaks and to being lifted by winds;
  • More modern materials for superior weather resistance – the range of materials used for building flat roofs is much wider and includes more synthetic options than the range of the materials used for building pitched roofs. Skilled commercial roofers Denver contractors confirm that synthetic roofing solutions, such as EPDM, TPO, vinyl or polyurethane provide efficient protection against the weather and can stand up to most weather-related challenges, including severe events, such as hurricanes, heavy snowstorms and hail.

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