Do I Really Need to Have My Roof Cleaned?

Interstate Roofing can inspect and clean your roof

Roof cleaning is one of the most important roof maintenance tasks, essential for preserving the health of your roof as well as for prolonging its life. Here are some tips from the professionals at Interstate Roofing.

  • Get a sturdy ladder and proper safety gear – check the ladder, place it on even, hard soil and anchor it to the roof edge. Put on comfortable, not too loose work clothes, non-slip work boots, a safety helmet and work gloves;
  • Get a broom or a brush on a long stick and swipe any debris off the roof – you will probably find lots of dust, dries leaves, twigs, animal dropping, nuts and other forms of debris. Make sure to remove them all with gentle, but firm movements;
  • Get a brush and scraper and clean the gutters – having clean, healthy gutters is essential for any type of roof. Grab your tools and climb up on the ladder to inspect and to clean every inch of the gutter pipes and the downspouts, removing any clog and debris that you find. While you are at it, inspect the pipes for any damage, such as cracks, holes, rust or sagging and also inspect the fasteners, then address the damage you noticed in the pipes and replace or repair any damaged fasteners.

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