Does Heat from the Sun Damage My Shingles?

Over time, the UV rays from the sun will break down the elements in even the highest quality roofing materials. It can cause untreated wood surfaces to come apart, turn black or fade to white. Shingles damaged by wind or storms can start buckling and their protection become ineffective – opening the gate to further damage.

It is good to know that the roof is exposed to UV light even on cloudy days.

The sun’s intensity also beats down on a roof every day. It has a huge impact especially during the summer daylight hours. The temperatures on a roof`s surface can reach more than 150° when the air temperature is around 90°.

Daily exposure to extreme heat makes ultraviolet rays even more damaging and your home will become vulnerable.

What can you do about it?

First of all, specialized Denver roofing companies will tell you to inspect your roof and look for signs indicating sun damage: decaying, warped or cracked materials must not be overlooked, because they open up ways for moisture and  more severe problems.

Denver roofing companies do roof inspections

If the roof is not too old, you can consider a renovation; it will help you postpone a replacement project. However, if the damage is extensive and the roof is close to reach the end of it lifespan, you should start planning a replacement and look for solutions  that will protect your new roof from sun damage (cool roof technologies, reflective coatings, reflective roofing materials…).

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