Environmental Stressors That Can Damage Your Siding Prematurely

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Just like the roof, home siding acts as a defense against environmental factors. If you choose quality siding materials, you will be protected for a long time, but there are environmental stressors that could damage your siding prematurely.

Even good siding may go bad in certain conditions, including:

  • Pest infestations: Siding materials such as wood and vinyl are prone to insect attacks (e.g. termites, and certain types of beetles) that may cause a lot of damage. They can also be negatively affected by woodpeckers!
  • Excessive moisture: Moisture tapped in your siding material happens typically if the waterproof barrier was not installed correctly, as well as if there is a lot of vegetation close to your home, keeping too much shade. You need to make sure that you siding is installed properly and has proper airflow.
  • Inclement weather: Just like the roof, your siding can withstand a lot of bad weather phenomena, but do not expect it to be impenetrable! Quality siding materials may resist to bitter temperatures, storms and even moderate hail, but there is also the risk to be ripped off in inclement weather involving high winds, frequent freeze-thaw cycles, or permanent exposure to the sun, in a region with particularly hot weather.

If you notice some of these environmental stressors affecting your siding, make sure to call a recommended siding Denver CO company and let the specialists take care of your problem.

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