Essential Questions to Ask About Solar Installation Services in Denver

With the increasing popularity of solar energy, the city of Denver is home to some of the country’s best solar installation service providers. But before you rush to hire any provider, there are a few essential questions that you need to ask.

Denver solar installation company

1. What kind of installation services do you provide?

The first essential question is regarding the provider’s installation services. Are they panel installers only, or do they provide everything from product selection to ongoing maintenance? Considering your specific requirements, you can select the right Denver solar installation company.

2. How much does the entire installation process cost?

Cost is an essential factor, and you should make sure to ask about the entire cost of the installation process. This includes the cost of the products, services, delivery, installation, and maintenance. Knowing the whole cost up-front can help you decide if it fits within your budget.

3. Are you insured and certified?

Insurance and certifications are the key factors you must check before selecting a solar installation service provider. Certification from Solar Rating Certification Corporation (SRCC) is a must as it guarantees that the installation process has been done with professional care.

4. Do you offer maintenance services and warranty?

When it comes to solar installation, you must ensure that your system is well-maintained to provide a focused energy flow. Ask about an extended maintenance and service warranty to cover repair and regular maintenance costs.

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