Fall Maintenance for Your Commercial Roof

Flat roofs come with specific must-dos for commercial roofing Denver CO building managers – here are some of the most important fall maintenance tasks:

  • Roof inspection and cleaning – both processes are essential for keeping your flat roof in good condition. Make sure that the roofing surface is inspected inch by inch, by an expert checking for weakened areas, punctures, holes and cracks in the roof, signs of ponding water and alligatoring (a problem that affects roof surface, making it look like alligator skin);
  • Repairs – the issues detected during the inspection need to be repaired, too. With regular, semi-annual inspections, the faults that you find are likely to be small, but roofing problems can aggravate quickly, so timely repairs are very important;commercial roofing Denver CO flat roof maintenance
  • Gutter maintenance – water drainage being of special importance in the case of flat roofs, the maintenance process needs to be extended to the gutters as well. Check the gutters and the downspouts for any faults, such as cracks, punctures, loosened hardware, rust, corrosion and also make sure that the gutter pipes are obstacle-free. Check the downspouts as well – the components responsible for directing rain and melted snow into the ground can be affected by the same issues as the gutters, inspections, cleaning and repairs being just as essential.

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