Why Have Fiber Cement Siding Products Become So Popular Today?

Fiber cement or concrete siding has become one of the most well-known products used in home renovation today. Remodeling the exterior of your home is often a difficult task. According to reputable Colorado Springs roofing companies, it can be made much easier through the design versatility and overall proficiency of the most advanced fiber cement siding.

blue home with stone siding

Concrete siding is actually made as a composite of various materials, including cement, sand and cellulose fibers. Despite its newfound popularity as a modern siding material, it was first developed more than 100 years ago in Austria, and its remarkable durability and outstanding fire-retardant capabilities were already known ever since then.

Today, despite still being significantly heavy, fiber cement was enhanced to provide several indispensable properties any homeowner or contractor will appreciate:

  • Heavy duty cutting blades have been able to cut thinner and lighter sheets that still don’t lose their resilience.
  • Once it was painted and installed, concrete siding requires very little maintenance and even rarer repairs.
  • Unlike wood and similar materials, fiber cement cannot be damaged by termites and other tiny pests.
  • Using the newest manufacturing methods, modern day manufacturers were able to eliminate the previously noted content of silica that made fiber cement dangerous in the past. Today it’s one of the healthiest and most practical siding materials you can consider for your renovation project.

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