Flat Roofing Materials

Flat roofs are nowadays a popular choice and not just on commercial facilities, but also on residential buildings. This is mainly due to their great performance (materials have been constantly improved along the years) and aspect that compliments modern, geometrical homes.

The traditional BUR roofing is now stale, because there are other materials designed to greatly increase the reliability of a flat roof.

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According to recognized commercial roofers in Denver, there are 3 basic types of flat roofing materials. Read on and learn some essential information about them.

Single-layer membrane

A flat roof covered with a single-layer membrane (known as elastomeric membrane) represents the latest technology in terms of flat roofing and is very popular in commercial construction. Popular and efficient PVC and EPDM are varieties of single-ply roofs.

Modified bitumen

This roofing type has been developed more than 5 years ago, as a replacement for built-up roofing technology, by adding roof wear layers reinforced with polymers to improve elasticity in low temperatures. Installation methods for modified bitumen include hot or torch applied, cold applied, or self-adhered.

Built Up Roofing

We can say that BUR is the grandfather of flat roofs, being a very old technology, installed using layers of a special felt impregnated with asphalt, embedded in bitumen and applied with a hot mop.


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