Good Reasons to Choose A Concrete Tile Roof

Interstate Roofing Denver roofer

Concrete tiles are among the most versatile and most durable roofing materials today. They are quite heavy, therefore suitable only for buildings that can hold up a heavy roof, but the material offers an incredible amount of features – small wonder it is such a popular recommendation made by Interstate Roofing contractors today. Here are the benefits offered:

  • Long lifespan – concrete tiles are among the materials that offer the longest lifespans. With proper care, your concrete roof can last for around 50 years without any major issues;
  • Resistance to harsh weather – concrete is one of the hardiest building materials of them all, able to stand up to most forms of extreme weather, including hard snow and rain, harsh sunshine and wind. The material is also impervious to pests and it does not ignite, being suitable for buildings close to forests as well;
  • Attractive appearance – concrete tiles come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles and the range of available colors is also very wide, including not only traditional roof colors, such as shades of red and brown, but unusual, bold options, such as shiny black matte white, blue, green, beige and white;
  • Energy efficiency – cement tiles have excellent insulation properties, contributing a lot to maintaining the energy balance in the building they are installed on.

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