Has Commercial Roofing Evolved in the Past Few Years?

In recent years, commercial roofing has seen major changes which have kept it up with the rest of the modern building standards. From updated technology to updated materials, commercial roofing has transformed from outdated, troublesome and cost-ineffective solutions to reliable and efficiently produced products.

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The solar revolution

One of the largest revolutions in the past few years has been the growth of solar energy development. With new advances in solar panel technology, commercial roofing is increasingly being used as a platform for businesses to generate their own solar energy in-house. By combining the latest in photovoltaic technology with roofing options that provide the desired durability and aesthetic appeal, businesses are able to enjoy a cost efficient and sustainable way of powering their operations.

The rise of high-performance materials

The other big change lies in the materials used for commercial roofing. While previously traditional systems were the go-to when constructing a roof, the commercial roofing industry has seen a shift towards stand-alone membrane systems. With improved waterproofing and encapsulation capabilities, according to hard working commercial roof repair Fort Collins contractors, these systems provide greater performance, longer life spans and increased savings in heating and cooling costs.

Elevated energy efficiency

In addition to these more obvious aspects of roofing evolution, commercial roofing has seen a continuous rise in energy efficiency. Expansive roofs and large buildings are now being fully integrated with energy saving materials and systems. These solutions can make huge impacts on energy costs and require less energy to operate than ever before.

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