High Quality Commercial Roofing Products

Commercial roofs need to endure lots of abuse from the elements, therefore they need to be constructed from the best, most resistant and most durable materials. Here are the best options:

  • metal – the most popular commercial roofing material is appreciated for its longevity, its resistance to the elements and for its low maintenance needs. The material is also easy and quick to install by commercial roofing Denver CO pros;

commercial roofing Denver CO pros install stone coated steel shingles

  • EPDM – mosts commonly referred to as rubber roofing, the material is inexpensive, lightweight, easy to install and highly resistant to the elements;
  • TPO – another affordable roofing material, TPO is also durable, but slightly more sensitive to excessive moisture than the other choices, therefore it is more suitable for dry climate areas or for roofs that are fitted with a very efficient drainage system;
  • SPF – also called spray foam roof, this type of roofing is made from a plastic material that is introduced into spray cans in liquid form and turns into foam when it gets exposed to air during the spraying process. The material needs to be coated regularly, but with proper maintenance it can last for over four decades. SPF roofs are watertight as well as airtight, therefore they also come with the benefit of contributing to preserving the energy balance inside the building.

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