How Can a Roofing Inspection and Certification Help Me Sell My Home

If you wanted to buy a home, you would surely want to know whether the roof on the property you are bidding on is in good condition or you would need to pay for expensive repairs soon. The same goes for your buyers as well – they will be more willing to pay the price that you are asking if you can prove that your roof is in great condition.

Denver roofer completes inspections and certifications

Roofing inspections and certification are usually not mandatory parts of the documents prepared when selling a property, but they bring many benefits – here is how an esteemed Denver roofer may be able to help you sell your home faster and for a better price:

  • Proving that you are reliable – a roofing inspection and the certificate that contains the findings of the inspection are separate from the home inspection. The certificate will list all the necessary repairs or, if no repairs are needed, it will provide an estimation of the years that the roof can spend on the building. Being open about any potential roofing issues will tell your buyers that they can really trust you;
  • You will know how to set the right price – the condition of your roof will determine the price you can ask for your property and setting a realistic price will expedite the sale process.

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