How Can I Reduce Home Utility Costs?

Fort Collins roofer

Utility costs make up a significant amount of the monthly expenses of any household. Fortunately, there are many easy ways to reduce those costs while also making your home greener – here are some:

  • Check the seals around the doors and the windows – the gaps around the openings on your walls are a very common culprit for energy loss. Check those sealings and replace them if they seem to have lost their ability to provide a good enough energy barrier;
  • Fix leaky appliances – a dripping faucet can cause gallons of lost and wasted water each month. Check your fixtures and faucets and repair any leak that you find – the results will be visible on your water bills almost instantly;
  • Use water and electricity wisely – turn off the faucet while you are scrubbing your dishes and have no need for running water; shower instead of taking long baths in your tubs and turn off the lights whenever you are leaving the room;
  • Use energy-efficient bulbs – modern LED lights use about 70% less energy than conventional bulbs and they also last much longer, contributing a lot to your energy savings;
  • Install insulation under your roof – A respected Fort Collins roofer confirms that the roof is among the largest structures through which energy can escape, therefore installing insulation in your attic makes lots of sense.

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