How Can I tell if My Roofer Cut Corners on My Roof Installation?

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When you plan a roofing project, the most important aspect is to choose , reputable Denver roofing companies committed to provide quality services, because if you don`t, you may end up noticing that your roofer cuts corners on your roof installation.

Here are a few warning signs:

Your roofer installs new shingles over the existing ones

This can be done safely if you opt for lightweight roofing materials, such as metal shingles, but your roofer should never do this unless you have agreed with this practice, and it is mentioned in the contract. Otherwise, the so-called specialist you have hired only tries to save time and costs for their benefit.

Your roofer reuses old flashing

Flashing is an essential element of a roof, protecting areas highly vulnerable to water infiltrations. That`s why it must be always in good shape. A new roof installation definitely requires new flashing, even if old flashing still looks decent.

Your roofer skips ventilation

Ventilation is essential for any type of roof system, although people often ignore it. Do not fall into this trap and do not allow your roofer to skip this important step, when installing the new roof, otherwise the efficiency of your roof will be reduced.

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