How Can You Prevent Roof Ice Dams

Some sunny winter days can cause partial snow melting on the roof, but freezing temperatures that come back as soon as the sun goes to sleep will make it freeze again. This is how ice forms on the edges of a roof and in the gutters, creating blockages that may cause a lot of damage. Ice also appears on the roof when the existing insulation is not efficient enough, and the heat escapes from the indoor space and melts the snow.

Interstate Roofing - ice dam removal

When the water resulted from snow melting freezes completely, it creates ice dams and icicles.

What is the solution to prevent these problems and their unwanted effects?

Mechanical removal of ice from the roof is not recommended due to the risk of destroying the cover materials. Heating the surface of the roof is the best option.

Interstate Roofing professionals,, advise that by using a de-icing system, you can prevent gutters from being clogged by snow and ice accumulation, as well as water infiltrations through the roof, damage to the facade of house and the formation of ice dams and icicles.

An integral de-icing system consists of:

  • de-icing cables, which are usually installed along the edges of the roof
  • frost / temperature / humidity surface sensors
  • thermostats

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