How Do I Clean A Flat Roof?

Flat roofs are strong, sturdy structures that provide many benefits over traditional, sloping roofs, but just like pitched roofs, flat structures also need to be regularly cleaned to maintain their strength and durability. Here is some tips from flat commercial roofing Denver CO pros:

  • Get the right protective equipment – personal safety is essential for any work performed at height, so whenever you climb up to your flat roof to clean it, make sure to wear non-slip work boots, work gloves, clothes that are comfortable, but not too loose and also use properly anchored harnesses to prevent any fall;
  • Be sure that the roof is safe to step on;
  • Use the right cleaning technique – the cleaning method should be chosen based on the condition of the roof and the material that it is made from. If you are unsure how to do it, ask for the advice of a roofing contractor, but most flat roofs can be cleaned with a broom or with a pressure washer;
  • Pay attention to the gutters as well – the cleanliness of the pipes that ensure that your flat roof is not affected by water ponding is also very important. Pay special attention to the gutter pipes and the downspouts that direct the water away from the roof – you can easily clean them using a scraping tool and a brush.

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