How Does the Slope of Your Roof Contribute to Its Long-Term Durability?

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Classic styled residential buildings usually feature sloping roofs, that is, roofs composed either of one slope that meets a wall at the top or multiple slopes that also meet at the top either in the form of a point or in a straight line called a ridge. There are many reasons why residential roof structures were and still are built from slopes, one of those reasons being durability. A Fort Collins roofing company with a sterling reputation told us that here is why and how sloping contributes to how long you can enjoy the protection provided by a roof:

  • efficient drainage – one of the ways that sloping gives the roofing structure durability is through efficient drainage. When it rains, the water can run off the roof efficiently, thus preventing any risk of ponding water; when it snows, the slope ensures that the roof is able to shed the snow efficiently without having to suffer under the weight of frozen water;
  • more efficient ventilation – the buildings that have sloping roofs usually have an attic space underneath the roof. Attics are, in most homes, used for storage but they have a more important role, too: they ensure proper roof ventilation. by facilitating the movement of air under the roof, sloping structures are less exposed to distress caused by humidity and condensation.

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