How Good Are Commercial Roofers at Repairing Residential Roofs?

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When it comes to hiring commercial roofers for something that doesn’t have much to do with their regular responsibilities, it’s important to realize that these experts might not be equipped to do what you want them to. That’s the case with residential roofing which, even though might be considered less problematic and difficult than some tasks associated with commercial roofing, still has its own distinct processes, guidelines and standards.

A roofer who is typically used to working on flat commercial roofing might not be well-versed in handling sloped roofing designs. As a result, the problems you might face when you own a sloped roof could be harder to manage. If there are hidden issues, your commercial roofers might not be able to deal with them.

Another challenge is that of knowing how to deal with the materials at hand. In commercial roofing, the materials of choice are typically TPO, EPDM, PVC, metal and various other materials typically used in them manufacturing of flat roofing systems. However, residential roofs might also use materials like natural slate, wood and clay, which are less frequently utilized in commercial roofing applications.

Overall, your best choice at dealing with residential roofs is to hire residential Denver roofing companies with experience. Fortunately, the best commercial roofers in your local area will often have the right expertise and experience for dealing with both commercial and residential roof repair, and they can advise you accordingly.

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