How Hard Is It to Fix an Older Asphalt Shingle Roof?

Asphalt shingles are generally considered to be an easy-to-handle roofing material, therefore many people choose to install their own asphalt roofs as well as to repair and to maintain them. Though the processes involved with the repair of shingle roofs are not very complicated, the repair processes have many aspects that still make it a better solution to outsource the process to Interstate Roofing ( professionals.

Interstate Roofing


Here are some of those aspects:

  • Working at heights – whether the roofing work undertaken is quick and easy or laborious and complex, it is always performed high up, therefore it should never be performed by someone who is not comfortable working among those conditions and who is not properly anchored to prevent falls, like most amateur roofers.
  • Issues going unnoticed – the first operation in any roof repair process is the evaluation of the damage. Noticing all the issues that affect the roofing area inspected requires a roofer with a trained eye, which also means that no one lacking that kind of experience should undertake the repair of an asphalt roof.
  • The risk of voiding the warranty – the manufacturer’s warranty on the roofing material is valid only if the material is handled by a professional roofer and in this case, handling includes repair process as well.

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