How Impact Resistant Shingles Can Help Your Home

impact resistent shingles

Impact resistant shingles are not only what the name suggests, special shingles designed to resistant to impact, thus providing superior protection for buildings in geographical areas that are prone to hail storms – they are roofing materials that provide increased durability as well. According to leading roofing companies like Interstate Roofing in Fort Collins, here are a few ways that IR shingles can help your home:

  • Quick and easy installation – a very important feature in areas that get lots of storms. If a roof that has conventional shingles is devastated by a storm, there is usually very little time to install the new roof and expert roofers being so busy after big storm, homeowners need materials that they can install themselves;
  • Tested durability – these special shingles undergo extensive impact testing before they are sold – they are tested with high-pressure air guns, steel balls dropped from various heights and various other methods to replicate very strong storms and only when they prove to be durable enough are they sold;
  • Insurance discounts – insurance companies offer state-mandated insurance premium discounts to homeowners who replace their old roof with impact resistant shingles. Homeowners in any climate zone are encouraged to use IR shingles, but the incentives are even more motivating for homeowner in areas that are more prone to hail storms.

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