How Important Is It to Install Gutters and Gutter Guards with Your Newly Built Roof?

When a new roof is built, many homeowners also decide to install gutters and gutter guards along with it, which is a smart decision. While this may initially appear to be an added expense, it can be very beneficial. Gutters and gutter guards provide a number of purposeful advantages, and often times once all the advantages are taken into account, the new system will more than pay for itself.

Gutters are necessary in order to help move the water from the roof away from the foundation of the home. Without gutters, the water will leak down the walls, infiltrating and eroding edges of the roof, potentially leading to water damage to the roof; or worse, foundation and soil erosion. Gutter guards also serve an important purpose. They can help to keep out leaves and debris, ensuring that the water flows freely down and away from the structure.

By including gutter guards when a new roof is being installed, clogs are less likely to occur over time, decreasing the need for roof maintenance and potential repairs. Additionally, installing gutter and gutter guards will help to promote the longevity of the roof; as without them the roof may have to be replaced sooner.

Interstate Roofing

Overall, Interstate Roofing professionals affirm that both gutters and gutter guards are important components of a new roof, and should be taken into consideration when building or replacing one.

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