How Long Does a Home Roof Replacement Take?

When it comes the time to replace their roof, all homeowners want to know one thing: how long such a project takes. Well, it can take anywhere from 1-2 days to 5-6 days, depending on a number of factors. In general, considering that every roof is different, the timeline for every replacement will be different too.

The complexity of the roof is one of the main factors that influence the duration of a replacement project.  Obviously, a simple roof will be installed more easily and therefore quickly. The higher the number of facets, valleys, angles and hips is, the more complex the work.

The size of the roof also matters, regardless its complexity, because a bigger roof will require more work.

The accessibility of your roof also plays an important role. What makes a roof harder to access is surrounding vegetation, the lack of paved surfaces near the roof access point, a fence etc. All this can make the work of the roofers more difficult.

The weather also affects how long it will take to replace the roof. Although, theoretically, a roof can be installed in any conditions (rain, snow, cold temperatures etc.), in reality not all materials can be installed properly and not all roofers are willing to work in a situation involving bad weather.

Fort Collins roofing company

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