How Long Would It Take to Replace Your Entire Siding?

siding replacement Denver

Replacing your Denver siding is a job that can take quite a bit of time. In reality, it all depends on how you want the siding to look and what needs to be done. For example, a simple replacement can take anywhere between a week and two weeks, depending on the size of your house. That’s because, although siding panels come in pre-cut panels, premier siding replacement Denver professionals say some adjustments will have to be made in order to cover the surface of the house just right. Sure, you can ask the people where you buy your siding from to cut your siding to specific sizes and allow for irregularities, but that can cost you extra.

Another reason why replacing your Denver siding can take some time is because the siding sometimes needs to be treated with special solutions in order to protect it from the elements. For instance, some siding panels are sold unpainted so that the people installing them can paint them just the way they want to. Besides paint, siding needs to be coated with a substance that prevents water damage and doesn’t allow insects to get through. Also, with larger surfaces that need to be covered up, small repairs may be needed, and that can add to the time the whole thing takes.

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