How Many Years Should a New Commercial Roof Last in Hot Weather Climates

Commercial roofs are flat or low-sloping structures that are built to last for 10-40 years on the average, but the actual lifespan of your roof is determined by many factors, including the climate. Each climate zone poses a specific set of challenges that might shorten roof life – according to top notch Fort Collins commercial roofing contractors, here is how hot climate affects roof durability:

Fort Collins commercial roofing

  • Roof overheating – the roof surface is directly exposed to the heat of the sun. When the sun is shining, the roof reacts by expanding, then it shrinks when the heat subsides. That constant expanding and shrinking movement can cause cracks to appear in the roofing materials and it might also damage the adhesives used on certain types of materials;
  • Hail – hot climates are usually prone to hail. While most roofs can stand up to hailstones of a certain size, very large balls of ice are known to be among the most devastating elements for roofs. The most common signs of hail damage are dents, cracks and depressions;
  • Storms – these extreme events can form in a matter of minutes and they are usually associated not only with large quantities of water, but also with strong winds that can lift and tear off roofing components.

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