How Many Years Should My Commercial Roof Last

Warranties provided by commercial roof repair Fort Collins companies that execute the waterproofing of a flat commercial roof are given on the basis of a reception report that specifies the types of membrane used as well as the verification of the quality of the work. The roofing contractor guarantees the work in conditions of normal operation and repairs the eventual defects of the waterproofing in case of infiltration and other problems that occur during the guaranteed period.

commercial roof repair Fort Collins

An efficient waterproofing work has a duration of 10 years, provided for the integrity of the bituminous material exposed to the weather conditions specific to the area where it is installed: frost, heat, UV rays, pollutants etc. During this period, the material is expected to remain intact, without losing its qualities. However, the lifespan of a commercial roof will continue, in most of the cases, past the warranty period, if the roof is maintained properly and there are no mechanically perforated points in the membrane.

How long a commercial roof will last also depends on the type of the cover. Asphalt waterproofing membranes can be made of: oxidized raw bitumen (5 years), plastic additive bitumen (10 years), and elastic additive bitumen (10 years). There are also different types of synthetic membranes that are typically more durable: EPDM (30 years) and PVC (20 years).

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