How Much Do Home Buyers Care About the Integrity of Your Roof?

One of the aspects that will determine the final sale price of your home is the roof. So, if you are planning to sell your current house, make sure to call a trusted Fort Collins roofer to perform any necessary repair works.

Fort Collins roofer

Here is how the roof factors in a home buyer’s decision:

Mortgage Loan Approval

A bank may not grant a loan for a property in dire need of repairs. If the new owner may be unable to keep up the payments, repossessing the house may not be sufficient to satisfy the full amount of the loan.

Reduced Curb Appeal Puts Off Buyers

You may not have many visitors on your open house day if the roof looks old and damaged. A single glance may determine a potential buyer to cross your property off the list of desirable homes to visit.

The Buyer’s Realtor Will Negotiate a Bargain Price

Most home buyers hire a realtor to negotiate on their behalf. A damaged roof, with curled or missing shingles, gives the agent powerful ammunition for negotiations. They will quote a very high repair cost and demand you to reduce it from the price.

Together with any other potential issues, you may have to settle for an unfairly low price if you really need to sell the house.

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