How Quickly You Need to Spot Residential Roofing Damage That Can Be Seen Only Externally

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Roofing problems usually start out small, sometimes unnoticeable so, but they tend to aggravate quickly. While issues such as the problems caused by impact or by ponding water develop on the outer surface of the roof, others start underneath the structure and first become noticeable in the attic. Here are some signs that indicate damage that starts externally and that needs to be addressed by a competent Fort Collins roofing company immediately to avoid further deterioration:

  • Hairline cracks and chipped components – these issues might seem like minor cosmetic problems, but in fact they are gaps through which water can penetrate into the deeper layers of the roof. Water is an insidious enemy. When it seeps underneath the roof surface through a tiny hole or a crack, it starts accumulating where it should not. The excessive moisture can cause a variety of roofing problems, from rotting the wooden parts to causing the roof to weaken.
  • Discolorations – dark patches or areas where the roofing material has lost its color are signs of infestation with some sort of algae. It needs to be addressed as soon as it is noticed because those discolored patches are already weakened by the moisture accumulated from the air. This weakening can worsen very quickly.

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